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Send To Phone

Send To Phone

Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters! You don’t need to get your phone linked to anything or be with the connectivity range. Using WAP protocol you can send anything you like directly to your phone. ...

Freeware  928k 3056 Excode Software
Net-Send command

Net-Send command

Small console utility that can be used to send the messages from an command line, like Net send command in the Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. But our utility Netsend.exe works in all Windows versions. NetSend is Winpopup and Net ...

Freeware  329k 1323 CEZEO software
Send Keyboard Keys

Send Keyboard Keys

Send Keyboard Keys 1.0 Automatically sends keyboard keys to windows applications. - By:

Freeware  1,733k 1614 Vsisoftware com
SonicFile - Send Large Files in Email

SonicFile - Send Large Files in Email

Have you been looking for a professional way to send large files? SonicFile is a desktop application that simplifies the sending of large files, and its fast!? No E-mail size limitation ? send to anyone with an E-mail address ... up to 5x times faster ...

Shareware  1,070k 2680 Encryptomatic llc
Fomine Net Send GUI

Fomine Net Send GUI

Net Send GUI is plain instant LAN messenger for easy communication. It uses proprietary network protocol which one is based on TCP/IP, and it is not compatible with Microsoft NET SEND. But the Net Send GUI fully compatible with Winpopup LAN Messenger, OfficePopup and etc. ...

Freeware  208k 1056 FOMINE SOFTWARE
Send Mail Expert

Send Mail Expert

Send Mail Expert have supper randomize: From name, From emails, Subjects, Reply to, Proxy,IP address, Email Header,Email Body,... All such randomization will guarantee that your email will bypass all the filters (Junk Mail Filter, Block List...) and delivered safely to your customers. Send Mail Expert ...

Shareware  920k 672 Latoi Ltd
Group Mail Send Engine

Group Mail Send Engine

Group Mail Send Engine, designed for online businessmen, marketers, party planners, campaigners, attorneys and any other people who want to keep in touch with their friends and clients warmly, frequently and simply, is one of the most professional and qualified bulk email senders in this ...

Shareware  2,417k 1006 Group Mail Send Engine

Send HTTP Tool

Powerful and free bugging/testing tool for web sites and web application. With Send HTTP Tool you able to generate and send different HTTP request to any URL and in a second view full report about the HTTP response. This is a great tool for testing ...

Freeware  625k 489
Send Text Messages To Multiple Numbers Software

Send Text Messages To Multiple Numbers Software

This software offers a solution to users who want to quickly send SMS messages to multiple recipients. The user-friendly interface makes mass text-messaging a breeze. This powerful tool will open up a new avenue for communicating marketing statements and group messages. This software uses ...

Shareware  5,813k 373 Sobolsoft
Send Personally

Send Personally

Add-in Send Personally is designed to send messages to a great number of recipients via Microsoft Outlook (32 and 64-bit). Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Outlook, separate message being created for each recipient. The final recipient will get no information about ...

Shareware  6,104k 1271 MAPILab Ltd

Send-Safe Email List Manager

Send-Safe Email List Manager is a brand new email list management software from Send-Safe. It is a perfect tool for organizing contact information and preparing your lists for mailing. Send-Safe Email List Manager is an easy to use bulk email address list cleaner. It will ...

Shareware  747k 1338 SEND SAFE

Quick Send

Quickly and easily send email from the system tray and schedule to send email later. Works great for quick messages without having to open your email program. Registered users can also use the secret Quick Journal.

Shareware  1,480k 908 Be Happy Dammit
Send Personally for Outlook Express

Send Personally for Outlook Express

Send Personally for Outlook Express allows you to send messages to a great number of recipients from Microsoft Outlook Express. Plug-in adds a new button "Send Personally" to the toolbar of Outlook Express and offers an alternative method of sending messages from Outlook Express, separate ...

Shareware  2,284k 929 MAPILab Ltd
Send Mail

Send Mail

Die Anwendung Send Mail wird Ihnen Rundschreiben via E-Mail schnell und einfacht versenden. Hierdurch lassen sich eilige Informationsmeldungen, -sendungen, etc. schnell an die Empfänger bringen. Folgende Voraussetzungen müssen erfüllt sein: a) eine E-Mail-Anwendung ist auf Ihrem System installiert, b) die E-Mail-Adressen liegen Ihnen im ASCII-Format ...

Freeware  582k 814 ballin technology
Capture and Send

Capture and Send

Easy to use delightful interface...Capture and Send was created to allow users to quickly capture what they see on their computer screen and attach it to an email message and then send the email message to one or more recipients all from one interface. Prior ...

Shareware  5,005k 910 Tikina Software

Send Free SMS

Bulk SMS message forwarding software broadcast thousands of text sms to various mobile phone users from personal computer or laptop connected with pocket PC without internet gateway. Free mobile messaging tool delivers immediate SMS like seasonal greetings, business advertisement, alert notification, plans and offers, job ...

Shareware  2,898k 649 Send free SMS

File Send Automatically

Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP, designed to perform the routine operations on sending files and messages automatically. Say, you have to send everyday reports about the volume of goods in stock to the head office. Every day, after you create the document, you need to ...

Shareware    558 MAPILab Ltd.

Net Send SDK

Need to send messages from your application or a script? Net Send GUI (freeware) and Winpopup LAN Messenger comes with a command-line tool NetSend.exe and a DLL that exports four simple functions that provide instant messaging functionality to your application. C++ and C# examples of ...

Freeware  430k 589 FOMINE SOFTWARE


With Multi NET-SEND you can send a simple text message to one or more users/pcs connected to a NT LAN, using the Messenger Service. It has a simple but very intuitive interface.

Freeware  1,331k 370

Send To FTP

Adds FTP functionality to your "Send To" folder. Create FTP configurations for parent folders and all sub-folders and files are mapped accordingly. Provides for multiple FTP targets for a single source, file rename during transfer, etc.

Freeware  286k 372

BatMonkey Send To DOS Module

Simple, free time saving utility. Runs from your send to menu. Open a DOS prompt in the current folder. Send a file or directory to DOS. Set an environment variable to hold the file or folder name. Useful for those who use DOS from time ...

Freeware  351k 384

Send To Toys 2.7 Beta

Send To Toys is an enhancement of the Send To system menu.

Freeware  1,925k 258

LinuxSMS - console script for send SMS

Linuxsms is a Perl script to send SMS to GSM phones. There is support for multiple servers/gateways (some servers require registration). The script has an adressbook, the ability to compress SMS, and the ability to check for new versions.

Freeware  38k 399

PrestaShop module : send to my friend

A PrestaShop ( module : send an article to a friend. It's a advanced version of the basic module "send to a friend".Related thread on PrestaShop forum (in french) : prestashopmodulesend to a friend

Freeware  160k 1292

ssmss - Simple SMS Send

ssmss is another program to send SMS to mobile phones. This project is a perl script which it can load plugins. Each plugin allows you to send sms through the providers' Web sites. It has a GTK-GUI and It supports an addressbook

Freeware  39k 363

GTK+ Send-PR

gtk-send-pr is a problem report tool, designed to send reports to a GNATS database server using libesmtp to deliver mail. The program has a user friendly interface and lets you use any SMTP server, including support for AUTH and TLS.

Freeware  58k 328

Send a lots Newsletter without database

It is a php web system to send newsletter without using database.It use text file to save the list of receiver.Only 2 php file, very easy to setup.

Freeware  14,989k 278

Send Sources

This software is like the "send to/destinataire",but you don't need to have outlook or Oe, it's just for send attachment to one adress or a list of adress in only one clik; very usefull to send to/from source at job or home, or foto to ...

Freeware  981k 281

Send in the Clowns

Animated screen saver featuring tropical fish on YOUR desktop (no background). Registered version includes additional animation. Matching desktop theme and accessories available at Themestress Desktop Enhancements.

Shareware  520k 708 themestress com

Chilkat Email.NET - Send Email with ASP.NET

A POP3 / SMTP email .NET component for sending and receiving email. Packed withadvancedfeaturesincluding: full S/MIME capability for sending and receiving signedand encryptedemail,MHTML for sending HTML email with embedded images and stylesheets, multipart/alternative,multipart/related,attachments, advanced AES encryption,automated internationalcharacter encodingconversion, Outlook integration, progressmonitoring, OutlookExpress EML import,XML import ...

Shareware  2,000k 987 Chilkat Software Inc
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